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Who We Are

Stephen Lewis Foundation

The Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) works with community-based organizations working to turn the tide of HIV & AIDS in Africa. Founded in 2003 the Foundation has since funded over 1700 initiatives, partnering with over 325 community-based organizations in 15 countries.

Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign

Launched in 2006 by the Stephen Lewis Foundation, the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign was a Canadian grassroots response to the emerging crisis faced by African grandmothers as they struggled to care for millions of children orphaned by AIDS. African grandmothers became parents anew in the midst of the HIV & AIDS pandemic

Individual Grandmother Groups

What began with only a few groups of committed Canadian grandmothers has since evolved into a dynamic, international and responsive movement, made up of thousands of grandmothers and grandothers belonging to grandmothers groups across Canada … and beyond! New groups have now formed in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

More than a decade later, these grandmothers and grandothers are more committed than ever to three shared goals: raise awareness, build solidarity, and mobilize funds for community-based organizations. The Campaign supports these organizations that have developed programmes—with and for grandmothers—to transform lives and restore hope and health to their communities. Since 2006, more than $33 million has been raised in support of African grandmothers. Coming together as grandmothers and grandothers is about ensuring that comprehensive programmes and services exist. 

Community Based Projects Include

  • counselling and education about HIV prevention      

  • care and treatment

  • distribution of food

  • medication and other necessities

  • assistance for the sick and vulnerable through home-based health care

  • helping orphans and vulnerable children access education and work

  • engage in income generating projects

  • Help to become small business owners

  • providing support for grandmothers caring for their orphaned grandchildren

  • help for the recently bereaved

  • grief counselling

  • assistance setting up support groups

The Grandmothers movement is also about ensuring African grandmothers have the time, space and training to network and mobilize to demand systemic change in their communities and countries for themselves. 

African Grandmothers

Building their movement and claiming their rights

National-level Grandmothers Gatherings in Uganda (2015), South Africa (2016) and Tanzania (2018) have acted as a springboard for African grandmothers’ movement-building within their countries. And since each Gathering, grandmothers and the community-based organizations (CBOs) that support them have built on the momentum generated during these Gatherings.

African Grandmothers are now recognized as community experts and agents of change. They have become activists and advocates pushing for their rights and protection as well as those of their grandchildren. They share their expertise in their communities and on the international stage, pressing for their human rights and a hopeful future.



What We Do


We build awareness through holding education evenings with guest speakers and field staff of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We are also in the process of training to become speakers to social and community groups.

As members and supporters of the Grandmothers Campaign we stand in solidarity with the women of sub-Saharan Africa who are at the heart of the response to AIDS

To raise funds we have held a variety of creative events including:

  • Author event and African dinner

  • Fashion show

  • Jazz concerts

  • Children's entertainment events

  • Kazuri jewelry sales and other African crafts at Holiday Craft Sales

  • Afternoon tea and vintage sale

  • Participation in the annual GTA walkathon, the Stride Walk

  • Yoga day

  • Educational music concerts such as a presentation by Dr Mike Daley on the Words & Music of Leonard Cohen?

90% of funds raised for the Grandmothers Campaign are sent directly through the SLF to community based organizations at the grassroots level,

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If you are interested in attending one of our programs or joining our group please contact us at:


some of our grandmothers attending annual Grandmother's conference September 2015

some of our grandmothers attending annual Grandmother's conference September 2015